Go Green

Sustainable Standards

We are committed to producing an environmentally responsible event! By focusing on tangible and measurable sustainable initiatives in the production of Viva Las VeGrass we look to improve the experience of participants and raise awareness of how to live and play sustainably in Las Vegas.

As more events continue to develop sustainable standards, so too will public expectations for events that are more environmentally responsible as well as making more sustainable choices in their daily lives. Viva Las VeGrass hopes to create a legacy, raising attendees’ awareness, inspiring behavior change, and influencing suppliers to adopt greener practices.

Viva Las VeGrass has outlined areas of sustainable focus and will select vendors based on sustainable business practices, ask our sponsors and exhibitors to adopt these practices and invite our artists and guests to participate in and learn from these sustainable standards.

 We are committed to:

     Using Clean/Renewable Energy (solar powered generators)

     Camp Green Demonstrations

     A Styrofoam Free Event

     Refillable Water Stations  

     Event Recycling/Composting

     Providing an Eco-Shuttle and Encouraging Ride Share

     An Electric Car Show (alternative transportation)

     Re-use, Reduce, Recycle Art Show

      Vow Farm to Table, Conscientious Food Vendors

     Off-setting Carbon Emissions


 …and welcome vendors, artists, exhibitors and sponsors to share and develop their sustainable practices.