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Sponsor Opportunities

Viva Las VeGrass is different from other festivals in that our sponsors are our partners. We have chosen to work only with those who have shown a true commitment to green values and want to help promote this way of sustainable living in our community. We welcome an opportunity to highlight the programs and projects our partners have in place that impact Southern Nevada and our planet in a positive and eco-friendly way.

There are a wide range of sponsorship opportunities available, big and small. Contact us at to receive our Sponsor Deck to view the different options. Feel free to email us for more information or with any questions about our sponsorship opportunities.


Volunteer Opportunities

The lifeblood of this event will be our volunteers. As a new festival we have a great need for people to help out in many ways. Tickets, security, gates, information, parking, you name it. We also are looking for people who want to be involved in the planning and execution stages of the festival. While these are volunteer positions only for the time being, we will be offering some kind of compensation for your time.

 If you are interested in volunteering for our festival, please e-mail us at and provide your contact information. We’ll be in touch!

Vendor/Artist Opportunities

Our vendors will be divided by Commercial and Artisan. Commercial vendors will be local leaders in green products, services and programs. Artisan vendors will be local crafters of art and products that use recycled materials, natural or organic products and holistic arts. Please contact us at to inquire about availability.